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Science Dating with Scienctific Singles - The Dating Service for Science Lovers, Single Scientists, and Science Hobbyists

Science and dating don't mix? Not true. Science and dating are related because our interests reflect who we are and how we view the world ~ what could be more pertinent to dating and love than our love of science???

Scientific Singles ~ The Dating and Singles Service for Science Lovers, Scientists, and Science Hobbyists

Imagine this: You meet a person on an online dating service who sounds wonderful. You talk about some lightweight topics like your favorite movie or your dream vacation, and your hopes soar. Finally, this could be the person of your dreams! You meet for the first time for dinner, and science comes up in the conversation. You are shocked to discover that your date thinks science is stupid. Maybe they think that science museums are boring, or could never imagine any reason to go outside and look up at the stars, or that nothing could be more boring than watching Carl Sagan or Nova on PBS. Whatever their malfunction, you quickly realize that you are incompatible, and the date dissolves, along with your hopes for love ~ leaving you back at square one.

Dating to find true love can be a long and difficult path, and if you are passionate about Science, dating and romance can be difficult. When you finally do meet someone whom you find attractive, personable, and engaging, it's heartbreaking to realize that you have a basic incompatibility in your love of science.

Scienctific Singles is your Science singles site ~ here to help you spend your time more effectively by bringing together scientists, science lovers, science enthusiasts, and science hobbyists for dating, friendship and chat.

Here are five things that Scienctific Singles Science dating provides :

1. A dating service which connects people who share a love and respect for science. If your heart is set on finding someone you can share your science love or science hobby with ~ whatever it may be ~ from Astronomy to Zoology, a dating site that helps scienctific singles meet one another will be a more effective way of meeting your soul mate. By focusing on people with the same science interests you have, you will eliminate one of the barriers to meeting your ideal match.

2. A singles site that lets you see and contact members for free. With so many dating websites out there, it is difficult to know at first glance which one is for you. Scienctific Singles's science dating service lets you view the profiles and send wink messages with other like-minded singles for free, giving you the chance to test the service before committing to making any payments.

3. A personals site that takes a stand. It’s easy for a company to say that it believes in something, but few actually follow through. Scientific Singles Network is a dating site that actively supports Science by advocating groups like the Union of Concerned Scientists, who promote the use of science to make ours a better world. Scientific Singles is truly committed to the Science issues that are important to us all.

4. Science chat. Nothing adds to a sense of community like the ability to chat with other Scientifically like-minded members. This gives you the opportunity to get to know people outside of their profiles and to build real connections with other science lovers.

5. Reasonable prices for full membership. Some dating sites charge an arm or a leg to be a full member, while others provide better service for a monthly price that is the price of a cup of coffee. Scienctific Singles Science dating provides all the service of the conventional sites, without turning you upside down to shake all the money out of your pockets, leaving you more cash to enjoy your science interests (we hope!).

Congratulations on finding the science dating website that will help you to optimize the time you spend looking for love, so that you can spend more time enjoying it.

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